ACSD Lead Liners 2015


Scratch Offs

Every month we will be selling tickets for the lotto scratch offs.

Please don’t forget your scratch off tickets to donate! July’s winner was Delany Hillman and she won 65 scratch-off tickets! Thank you! Once again, if you forget to pick up tickets we will send someone to get them again, that works very well.


Mak’s Meat Tickets,

Pleas remember your Mak's Meat Raffle Tickets we will be drawning the winners this Saturday, September 10, 2016.

We will Mak’s Meat (Cuba, NY) Raffle Tickets to sell. The crunch is on to get these tickets sold, the winners will be drawn at our September 10th, 2016 Game Show. We will be asking you to take some tickets to sell; we are behind on our fund raisers this year.

Mak’s Meat Raffle Tickets are $5 ea. with 10 tickets in each book. ●1st – Prize $250 Meat Certificate●  ●2nd Prize - $50 Meat Certificate●  ●3rd Prize - is $50 in cash●

We Thank You in advance for all your help!


Candy Bars & Beef Stick Sales

We still have many beef sticks to sell!


Checks will only be accepted for memberships and sponsor donations.

Here is your new 2016 Officers and Directors

Nicci Davis - 585-314-0186-               Points Secretary,

Bruce (Bub) Davis- 585-322-2847        Vice President,

Heather Cowburn- 585-808-6563        Treasurer

Cindy Davis - 585-322-5827                  President, 

Deb Chilson  - 585-610-0961                 Secretary,

Rae Lettau - 585-727-4418                     Director,

Joyce Bialkowski  607-525-6595            Director

Tony Ives  - 585-610-8365                      Director,

Gail Bartas  585-973-2311                Director/Trail Boss







 Addition to Trail Schedule

You must be an ACSD Member with 20hrs. on trail,

WHICH include 3 out of 5 ACSD Rides to qualify for an award.


Welcome to our new friends and members! 

 Shows to be held at Watson's Arena,

5086 State Rte 19 South, Belmont, NY 


SUGGESTIONS FOR 2016 are always appreciated - these in mind and suggest as we go thru the year so we can present to 2016 board!

ANY other ideas for Changes? Additions? Subtractions? Improvements?